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2015 A to Z – C – Confess

Here you are for day 3 of the A to Z. What is it they say about how long to form a habit!

Confess with your mouth you accept Christ as your Savior. Savior? From what am I saved?

Rom 6-23

Death? God will save me from death? Not exactly. A relationship with God will save you from being separated from God forever. That is the death to which Romans 6:23 refers. You see separation from God means you do not live forever with him in heaven.

FOREVER! Take a minute to fathom the word and its full meaning. How long will time last? God is eternal, meaning there is no beginning or end. So being with God forever means, well forever. No end. Time will not stop. On the other hand, if you choose to ignore God and choose not to accept you are assured of eternal torment. There is an alternative to heaven. It is called Hell. This is not the mythical place you might hear others tell someone to go. It also isn’t anything like what people will say they are going through.

It is a place no one wants to find as their final destination. How do i know? Because I believe every word between the covers of my  bible and there is plenty enough teaching to convince me it is nowhere I want myself, my family, friends or anyone else to be.

At this point you have read about the main tenets of ABC: Admit, Believe and Confess. Confess your sins and you are assured of heaven. Because you have Believed and invited Jesus into your life.




2015 A to Z – B – Believe

Welcome back for A to Z  day two.

Believe. It is a powerful word. To believe means you have confidence in an idea enough to commit to investing your time. To believe in God and that he sent His only son to be a supreme sacrifice for our sins is a big deal in my estimation. It is something I consider a major part of my life. My faith is something I never shy away from sharing in any forum, including on my blogs.

As part of the ABC model Believe follows first admitting you are a sinner. I think that is covered sufficiently in the previous post, Admit, so I will not repeat any of that here. Instead let us center our information about belief. Believing is an active verb, meaning you are doing something based on information you received. To believe in God and the sacrifice of his son to cover your sin means you accept him into your life.

Acts 16-31

Many people hesitate because they feel like the minimum requirement for God to enter your life must be higher. I have heard many say I am not good enough. I have done too many bad things. Yes. Yes you have, but God loves you anyway.

Romans 5-8

So, you see, God has already done his part and waits for you to invite Him into your life. If you would like to know more please either ask me in the comments or find a pastor or someone you know who can lead you through the process of salvation.



2015 A to Z Faith By Acts Theme Reveal

Welcome to my 2015 A to Z Theme Reveal for Faith By Acts. In 2013 I took part in my initial A to Z challenge and did not put as much thought into how I wanted to approach the challenge. in truth I did not find out about it un til days before, so there wasn’t time to do much other than my 26 posts. I missed last years turn but wanted to give 2015 a really solid try. This year I have redesigned my blogging efforts and have 5 blogs entered into the A to Z.

For this particular one my focus is on some of my favorite bible verses. When I am asked to share about  myself one of the first things I want everyone to know is that I am a Christian and proud of my faith. In 2015 that is not always a welcome thing, but I refuse to shy away from that as it is the most important thing to me. God has blessed me remarkably and abundantly and I certainly want to share that with others.

When you join me for this A to Z journey I will tell you how to be a Christian and also how I deal with the everyday pressures of being a human trying to keep God’s instructions in this fallen world. I hope you will join me as I share some the knowledge I have collected over the years from not only some wise teachers, pastors and mentors, but learning from practical experiences.

For the other blogs I have entered in this challenge I am like many others in desiring an increase in views and followers. But for this particular blog what I most want is to share Christ with any or all that join me during this month.

I appreciate your visit to my theme reveal and invite you to not only return for the 2015 A to Z challenge, but to check out my other theme reveals as well.

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