How Can I Help Hurricane Victims? Make a Flood Bucket!

Everyone in the United States and likely many in any area of the world with mass communication has seen the heart-breaking coverage of hurricanes that ravage the Southern and Southeastern regions of the united States. These powerful storms wreck unimaginable havoc on hundreds of miles of shoreline and even far inland with high velocity wind, life-threatening storm surge and the resulting flooding. I along with several others from my church association recently returned from a disaster relief stint in Southeastern North Carolina.  From my personal experience I can share a way you can be a key contributor to the recovery of those affected by these storms.

Last October, following the disastrous Hurricane Harvey that inundated Houston and the surrounding areas in Texas with Apocalyptic amounts of rain our church saw an opportunity to come alongside the victims by creating something called a Flood Bucket. This is a five-gallon bucket filled with the items necessary to begin the clean-up and clean out of whatever remains following a water event in a home or business.

flood bucket This is a list of the items that are included in a Flood Bucket. You will notice this is from the Baptist General Assembly of Virginia, the organization my church association partners with to do Disaster Relief. This is not the only list by any means, but simply a general linguine for the purposes of this post. You will also notice that their is two columns to the right with item numbers of these items at Lowes and Home Depot.  I know from our experience if you are unable to purchase the items individually or just choose to allow them to assemble this they will.


For a couple of reasons, which include the lateness of the season last year our buckets were not used in 2017. But we did put them to use on our trip to North Carolina following Hurricane Florence as we took part in the beginning of abatement of the flood damage. If you would like to read more about that you can do so here Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief.


We found many uses for these buckets as we pulled necessary items out of them we did not have on our Disaster Relief trailer we pulled down with us from Virginia. We used them to collect debris, as stools when sitting to pull nails and staples and also cut lids in half to use as temporary dust pans until we could get to the store to purchase real ones.

The intent of the buckets is to hand them off to home owners so they can begin to clean up their home if a Disaster Relief team is not available. In such cases as the New Bern area of North Carolina affected by Hurricane Florence and Mexico Beach, Panama City and Panama City Beach which felt the powerful effects of Hurricane Michael this may be exactly the need.

This is a great project for churches, civic groups or even families to get behind. Once completed you can deliver then to a local church or relief group for distribution. We all feel a call to help others in situations like this and this is an incredible way to do just that!



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