Daily Prompt: Echo 12/1/2016

via Daily Prompt: Echo The one word Daily Post prompt for today is Echo.

When you are a Christian you have a clear set of instructions about how to serve Christ. But just because you have these and know them well does not mean you will always live up to them. Too many times you find yourself missing the mark in one or more ways as you try to serve your Savior.

My echo is when I tell myself I must do better. I must give more love, I must treat others better, I must spend more time reading the bible, I must serve more. I should be more patient, more tireless in my service, more willing to mentor others, more willing to learn, you know as I do the list is endless.

Sometimes the echo is soft in my ears. But sometimes the echo can drive you nuts! Can any of you echo my feelings?


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2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Echo 12/1/2016

  1. I had NO IDEA word press did daily prompt for writers, this is fantastic, thanks so much for letting me in on this seemingly well-kept secret! For me echo relates to hearing and speaking the same message over and over again. For example, In the bible Jesus said, “DO NOT BE AFRAID” some couple of hundred of times, as to ensure that repetition would be the key to remembering. So echo is just finding different ways to say the same thing, and to preach the good news! Have a blessed day!

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    1. You are welcome Stephanie. I occasionally use the Daily Prompt to try to bring people to my Faith-based blog. I just don’t seem to be drawing much interest. But I will not tire in doing well. I hope we can become writing buddies here.


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