Playful – Daily Post – 6 June 2016

Today the Daily Post Topic is Playful. We just started Vacation Bible School at our church and for the third year my wife and I are leading a class for teens. Unlike many churches we have a large group of youth and there is a definite need for a more grown up approach. We have a video series lesson from J.D. Greear we are teaching, but we started the day yesterday with some time at a local park.


Our original plan involved a local Kayaking, tubing and rafting attraction, but due to some locally heavy storms and dubious weather forecasts we had to alter the destination. After more than one secondary choice we finally settled on a local park that provided just what the kids were looking for.


I rely on my camera phone because it is much less obtrusive and accordingly I cannot always take multiple shots rapid-fire, so I missed the interval between the first shot and the second, but you can see the result well enough to know what occurred.


By now the group had made the choice to walk down stream and had just made their way beneath a bridge. It was not something I had planned to do with them, but eventually I realized if I was going to document any more of their adventures I had to join the crowd.


There is only twelve of the eighteen that took part in this adventure pictured, but you tell me, have you ever tried to get eighteen teens together all at one time? It is much harder than you think.

We will have five more days of opportunity to have fun and learn about assurance of salvation, our topic for the week. I hope you enjoy the Playful theme I chose for today’s daily post topic.


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