What did I do to get the Devil’s attention?

Do you feel like you have somehow drawn unwanted attention from the enemy of God? Can you feel his demons working their way into your plans, causing havoc and delays as you try to do what you have been taught all of your Christian life? Then you are definitely doing something right.

Satan is God’s enemy, we all know that. From the time he chose to rebel against God he has laid plans to battle God and his angels, trying eternally to prevent what we know is ultimately going to happen, Jesus’ return to earth to reign forever. No matter what Satan does he cannot overcome our Lord and Savior. But that does not mean he will ever stop trying to short-circuit your Christian development or willingness to do as instructed by God through the Holy Bible.

So what did you do to draw Satan’s attention? Was it praying, or serving, or teaching a class? Perhaps it was informing a younger Christian about the way our enemy will try to hinder them. In my recent experience it came as we were trying to set up a plan to witness and share information about our upcoming Vacation Bible School at a local one day festival. Even as we were collected in a prayer circle a week before the actual event began I acknowledged the reality that Satan knew what was coming, didn’t like it and did not want it to succeed, so he was busy laying obstacles in our path. So did this make me want to stop trying to do what I was planning? No, it only convinced me what we were doing was right.

well done

I can share another time when this was true. The other occurrence was in December 2012 when four members of my church went on the first International mission trip ever from our church. Between the four of us (one married couple and two other men) we left nine family members behind and without fail each of them developed some form of the flu. To say it caused no small amount of concern would be true. But due to the nature of the trip, flying 1,300 miles to Belize, no one could immediately turn around and return home.

We pushed through and followed God’s instructions, planting seeds of faith and ministering to the children we were blessed to touch and teach. From this a fabulous and rich Christian service connection has grown that allows us to support a growing mission organization and a couple who have devoted themselves to instructing children about God’s love and provision in their lives.

If we had given in to Satan and allowed his impediments to stop us  we would have missed many rich blessings! As you mature in your Christian walk this will become more evident to you and you will know how to deal with the inevitable hurdles set in your path.




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