What’s Your Witness? Do Others Know You Are a Christian?

During a recent edition of my weekly men’s bible study our leader posed a thought-provoking question, the kind each of us needs to revisit on a regular basis. What’s your Witness. Wow! What an invasive question. How dare someone ask me such a thing. I mean I go to church, pray before meals and am a known Christian. Why would I think about this?


Well, for me, it stems from another part of this same week’s class and a piece of the lecture where we heard about a study completed in a neighboring county. Of the roughly 100,000 residents in this county, only 20% told the survey that they attended church. I was flabbergasted the number was so low. I mean I knew it was dropping, but not at this rate. The trend has been steadily worsening and shows no signs of stopping.

So how important is it for us to be a witness for Christ? The Great Commission tells us to tell everyone we meet about Christ, His love and the salvation offered through Him.If you are a Christian you know this is due to another sharing the good news of Christ’s love and offer of salvation with you. Whether it came about in a revival, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, at church camp or somehow in your day to day interaction, someone cared enough to invest the time necessary to give you the right amount of information to make an informed choice. I have never met a Christian who has regret from making this choice. To choose to serve Christ and then follow that choice up with investing in the time to learn more is something that will open up a future for you that is beyond your wildest dreams.

A large component of being a Christian however, is acting like one at all times, not just when you are expected to or around your other Christian friends. I tell my children as well as the youngsters in the Middle School age Sunday School class as well as my daughter’s teen age friends from church that it is vital to always “wear” your Christian persona.

My favorite example is this and I use it often with my teen age daughter as well as the kids in the Middle School Sunday School class my wife and I teach at church. My wife’s best friend is a girl I went to school with for about ten years. We weren’t great friends then, maybe just good acquaintances. Today my daughter and her daughter have been best friends for 16 of their 18 years. What if I had not acted in a Christian way and treated her badly all those years ago. We may never have had such a wonderful connection between our families. I love her girls as if they were my own and I feel like they have the same affection for my family.

I will share one more example before I close this post. I used to work at a distribution center in Piney Flats, TN for Fingerhut. You remember the Fingerhut catalog that used to come by mail? You could order basically anything you wanted and pay for it for a few dollars a month. Well, my experience there confirmed I was reflecting my Christian values. I had been working on one side of the huge 1 million square foot building and got the opportunity to take a promotion. The people I worked with had a small  send off and one of the things they handed me was a card that said basically, we appreciate your Christian faith and the way you live what you believe. There was some other, more tangible gifts, but those words meant more than a million dollars to me.

The thing about a Christian walk many people don’t appreciate is that you can work on it your whole life and blow it with one misplaced episode. You have to remain vigilant to stay on the narrow path every day in every situation. The Enemy knows your weaknesses and will try to cause you to stumble, especially if you prove to be a worthy foe. If you would like to know a great way to practice your Christian faith please check out my post called The J.O.Y. Principle.




One thought on “What’s Your Witness? Do Others Know You Are a Christian?

  1. Thoughts on our walk and our witness. One, we do have to “put on the persona” as Christ is changing us, because we don’t instantly become perfect Christians when we accept Christ. But more and more as we grow in Christ and become Christ minded, it will truly be how we are, who we are. I’ve heard people ask if Christianity were a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Way back when, that was a pretty thought provoking question, but these days I can see that if it were a crime, they’d be so happily rounding up Christians they’d accept even the flimsiest circumstantial evidence to do so.

    I am blessed to work in a job where the majority around me are Christian or have Christian morals. I am privileged to have a boss who unashamedly stood and blessed our meal in a restaurant when he took us all out for lunch. Such a humbling and empowering feeling!

    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead


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