Face – Weekly Photo Challenge – 13 May 2016

The Weekly Photo Challenge is asking us to share photos of a face for this week’s event.

I chose to do this challenge from my faith based blog, Faith by Acts, because I not only want to drive more traffic to this blog, but I want to make a comment about something I saw in a movie last year. In 2015 the movie  Heaven is For Real, starring Greg Kinnear and Rachel Lefebvre as parents of a young boy who while very sick experiences a short period of time in heaven opened in theaters..


The gist of the movie, sorry for spoiler alerts if you have not viewed, is that indeed the promise of an eternity past this troubled life on Earth is a reality. Heaven is an actual place, not just a state of mind or place people “go” in their consciousness. God promises us in the bible through his words as well as through the words spoken by His son Jesus and others we have a Heaven to make.

As a Christian I am always careful to take in the whole movie before making a judgment about how close it is to my beliefs and this one was fairly acceptable for the first 98% of the movie. But, the subject of the Weekly Photo Challenge is FACE and that is what stuck in my craw about Heaven is for Real. Near the end of the movie the little boy that spent time in Heaven sees a painting and identifies that as the person he saw in Heaven.

realAs humans we are conditioned to require every being to have a physical form so we can easily and quickly identify it. God does not live within our puny confines, and in fact there is instructions not to make graven images or idols and I think that is because God is not describable by the means we know. In the movie the photo is implied to be of Jesus Christ. I immediately saw much of a likeness to the 1980s pop singer Kenny Loggins.

The point of the illustration in the movie, however, was that indeed the young child had been in Heaven and seen things not easily explainable with our limited ideas of what is possible or true. A face gives us something to point at and explain or criticize as the case may be. I am not sure God would want us to waste our time doing this.

I am sure this is a very unconventional Weekly Photo Challenge post, but I hope you will comment and tell me what you think about my theories. I look forward to reading yours too.




2 thoughts on “Face – Weekly Photo Challenge – 13 May 2016

  1. I do believe in Heaven. I know it is real because Jesus told me it was. These near death, or afterlife experiences are subjective. There is no way that we can know how much of what they relate to us is actual and how much is colored by their life experiences. Even the four gospels come to us with four separate views of the same events and timeline. Who knows, maybe we all see Christ in Heaven a little differently. After all, He knows we are all different and will feel most welcomed and comforted by different forms. At least the boy’s Jesus was not a blonde haired, blue eyed Jew!
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead


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