2016 A to Z – V – Values

vChristian values. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable when we begin to delineate our values against the accepted values of the current moment. If I was to classify my personal values I would say it is a strong conservative set. I do not support abortion. I think purposely ending a life is madness. A new life is still a miracle in my mind. We cannot take it for granted we can dispose of this pregnancy since it is inconvenient and another will come when we are more ready.

I don’t agree with the Planned Parenthood theory that a life isn’t a life until the baby emerges. Physiologically the mother goes through a lot of changes that defy that logic. There is a second life that must be considered. When there is a crime involving a pregnant mother there is two charges of murder, so why the duality?

Another huge value that is being attacked with venom is regarding the equality afforded to the LGBT community. When you blog you seek to gather attention and develop a following. But will you sacrifice your views to maintain your followers? I won’t. I won’t apologize for my views. Let me be perfectly clear. I think homosexuality goes strictly against God’s plan. I believe Caitlin Jenner is an abomination.

I understand the history of the civil rights movement and the struggles African Americans have endured in the name of gaining freedom and equality. But having a different skin color is a much different proposition to me than what is going on with the LGBT debate. There is a conscious choice to being identified as such and to me that is taking on a burden due to your choice. To try to draw direct parallels to the fight of the African American people devalues their history greatly. But that is what the LGBT community wants us to believe. Just like African Americans were oppressed and needed freedom they feel they are too.

I am ashamed to know that my great country engaged in slavery on such a huge scale for such a long time and that a century after President Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address freeing those slaves we still had so much hatred, but the two matters have nothing in common. God didn’t condemn those He created with a different skin color. But he does have an issue with those who willingly choose to subvert his plan.

In Genesis we learn that God’s perfect plan included one man and one woman who would come together to make the perfect union. You notice I did not say civil union. Humans believe we can take God’s plans and improve them. His plan was for a man to complete a woman and vice versa. You cannot naturally procreate unless you have a man and a woman involved. Sure, science has subverted the process allowing a life to be processed into being within a laboratory, but just because we can do something doesn’t mean it fits God’s plan.

I don’t purposely seek to attract a venomous response with this post, but if that is the result I am ready to defend my views. Those with opposing ones sure are more ready to fuss that we Christians are and that is why our religious freedoms continue to ebb away.






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