2016 A to Z – U – Unfaithfulness

Whoa there I hear some of you saying. What gives you the right to point your finger at me about being unfaithful? Nothing gives me the right to accuse anyone of this, so I am not. What I do intend is to warn about the pitfalls that can manifest in unfaithfulness. It can happen even when we hold the best of intentions. Our enemy uses our self interests to pull us away and cause us to be unfaithful. Unfaithful to God, our spouse, our children, our church and ultimately yourself.


u Yes, I have taken a huge bite trying to cover five different flavors of unfaithfulness, but they all have a common core that makes them similar. In each case it is the act of changing our focus from the proper way toward each object of affection that causes our failure. First of all, let’s consider how we can be unfaithful to God.

In Exodus Chapter 20, verse 3 (KJV) we get a straight-forward set of directions about how to fulfill God’s plan for a relationship with Him: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. That sounds easy enough, but we seem to fail at even this. Put another way the direction is like this: Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment(Matthew 22:37-38 KJV). So there you have it. The way to stay faithful is to make loving God your focus.

When we do that we will realize how important it is to love our spouse the way God wants us too. Our children too. Pretty soon we are covering three of the four possible problem areas. We are making some head way now, but we still have two areas to go: Our church and ourselves.

How can we be unfaithful to our church? By finding reasons to gripe about the way things are done, for one. Maybe you think the preacher is too loud, too long-winded, doesn’t visit enough or you name the fault you can identify. Well guess what, he is not the do-all, say-all, make-it-all- happen engine for your church. All of us that claim to be members have as much of a resp0onsiblity as the man who took on God’s call.

The members of a church is what will sell a new family on coming to visit week in and week out. It is the way you greet visitors or check on members that may not have strong familial ties within the church. If folks feel like no one notices them when they are there or aren’t there, then they have no reason to want to come to your church. Most churches have enough empty pews that they need to do all they can to retain the members they have and pull in new ones.

Finally let’s talk about being unfaithful to yourself. Think you cannot be unfaithful to yourself? I think you can, because I have been. We owe ourselves the time to invest in our knowledge, understanding and study of God’s word. I have tried to do this through a weekly bible study for men. Unfortunately the enemy threw enough obstacles in my way to pull me away from this effort. When we begin to get things together he finds ways to distract us. I liken it to the old plate spinning act that used to be on variety shows. You really had to be swift to get them spinning and keep them spinning.


Unfaithfulness is not inherently a sin in this form, but it can lead to sinful behaviors. It is best to learn how o recognize and stop it while it is in it’s more innocuous form.





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