2016 A to Z – N -Noah’s Faith

n There are innumerable examples in the Holy Bible where a common man had to exercise extreme faith in an unseen, but omnipotent and omniscient creator who delivered to the man a surely unbelievable request. For Noah it was to build a massive boat that would not only save his wife, sons and daughters-in- law, but a pair of every animal on the earth.

If you read the account in Genesis you can determine the size of this vessel by the cubit measurements laid out by God. He should know what is necessary as He created every creature on the surface of the rock we call the Earth. But I can imagine the human in Noah had to immediately say “You want me to do what?” Don’t we all have the Noah question moments? Times when we think why in the world would God ask me to do that?

Abraham did when God told him to take the son he had waited more than eighty years for into the wilderness to be sacrificed. Daniel did when he was led into the Lion’s Den for refusing to worship any other God. Jonah did when instructed to go to Nineveh. If Noah had doubts, he managed to suppress them enough to get the job done.

Sometimes we need to exercise a Noah-like faith in the face of what seems to be overwhelmingly negative circumstances. I try my hardest to do this. I did it when I found out my daughter had epilepsy ( and no she is Epilepsy free, healed by God). I tried when I found out my bother, father and mother had cancer. I tried when I found out my job was ending in 2002. There are plenty of opportunities to sharpen YOUR Noah response in this human existence.

Noah had to walk in faith because God did not answer his prayers right away. There was many quiet days and nights bobbing on all the waters of earth with a boat load of smelly animals and a family who surely grumbled once or twice about their perceived predicament. Being quiet and waiting on God is not a job people scramble to line up for, but it will come to us all. So get your practice in now!



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