Belize Mission Trip 2015 (Part 1)

It was December of 2012 when I finally stepped on an airplane and jetted off to a foreign county for my first international mission trip. I had wanted to be a bigger part of God’s kingdom and knew there was more waiting for me. My only other mission trip was a domestic based one in Callaway, Florida where I joined with a dozen and a half others from my church to replace and aging shingle roof with one made of metal.

I am on the left in my “HOT” weather gear.

Traveling the fourteen hours to the Sunshine State through Tennessee and Alabama was certainly a good step in the right direction, but it did nothing to quell the desire I had to go on an international mission.

While this was certainly a great trip and helped to confirm the desire I had to do more, it was the next big spiritual leap that opened so many more doors. Many of you remember when the Prayer of Jabez book by Bruce Wilkinson was popular. I read this little book and prayed that prayer. If you would like to read about my experience following that please click here: Prayer of Jabez Experience

When the call came for interested parties I felt God speak to me that I needed to take part. I never regretted that choice. It was the beginning of a another chapter in my life of faith that I could never have imagined.

2013 pictures 474

In our first year we took shoe boxes for the children we served, much like the ones packed and delivered by the millions through Operation Christmas Child. By year two we were fully involved in helping Carol Heath, a missionary in Belize with a place called Heart House build a library for the children she serves.

By this year we had take on another project to benefit the children and families of Heart House. As part of the long term plan for Heart House a kitchen was constructed to allow a meal to be prepared to feed the boys and girls that visit this place of love. As a partner my church collected metal silverware to send to Heart House as a way of reducing their day to day cost. It was so great to see your efforts paying dividends that make a real difference in the experience of not only the kids, but Carol and the others that run this mission.

But undoubtedly my greatest joy was sharing this eight day adventure with my daughter, Meredith. At 17 she experienced her first mission trip of any kind three decades younger than I. What she does from here is in God’s hands as she has shown she is willing to follow his lead in her spiritual life. But the sheer joy of serving with her is one of my greatest gifts from this trip.


When you have children and are a Christian your greatest desire is for them to be exposed to a Christian education so that they can understand the importance of having Christ in their life. Over the last year I have seen such an amazing amount of growth in Meredith’s Christian walk and this mission trip served as the capstone of 2015. In the follow-up to this post Belize Mission Trip 2015 (Part 2), you will get to see the ministry opportunities she was exposed to with Carol at Heart House. Also, in Belize mission Trip 2015 (Part3) you will see the way we were able to minister with puppets from our church on our last day with the Heart House kids.






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