Belize Mission Trip 2015 (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my description of our 2015 Mission Trip to the Central American country of Belize. For me it was the third time to this country, but it was my daughter’s first foreign country, excluding the Bahamas.  If you did no read the first chapter in this series you can click the link that follows: Belize Mission Trip 2015 Part 1.

On previous trips we had worked with other churches in our area to assemble shoe boxes and then backpacks to deliver to the hundred or so children impacted by Heart House. But for 2015 the decision was made to re-focus the effort on an idea of creating a store for the benefit of parents needing to stretch their dollars as far as possible. This “store” was a collection of items we felt the children would desire, such as remote control cars, puzzles, soccer balls, shoes, clothes and other inexpensive (in America) items.

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We set up this store on Saturday, the day after we flew in to Belize. Part of the challenge was grouping the specific items by their perceived value. The reason for this was so that when the mothers came to shop on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they were able to buy 1 high priced value, 2 lower priced or three lowest tier items for each child.

Following this our ladies offered to wrap the gifts for the mothers and then offered to pray with them about any prayer concerns. My seventeen year old daughter called this one of her greatest opportunities to minister during this trip. To hear the mothers of the children blessed by Heart House share their concerns and hopes was something she likely will not quickly forget.

In Belize Mission Trip (Part 3) I will share the opportunity to minister to the children directly that we completed. I hope to see you come back for that.



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