In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A True Saint.”

Periodically a Daily Prompt will capture my attention to the point that I will carve away the moments necessary to put together a response. When I was rummaging through my email today I saw just such a prompt. I am a religious man, believing in the one true God who created heaven and earth. While I realize that may make me the target of some ridicule and disapproving frowns, I know in my heart it is the right choice. There have been many great men in the history of Christianity that certainly qualify as Saints. I do not consider myself in any way a peer, much less equal to these giants of the faith, but for the sake of this exercise I will imagine that plateau for myself.

I think if I had to select an action or attribute to be a Patron Saint it would have to be encouragement. Everyone in this fallen world needs encouragement at one time or another. I myself have had some really hard days due to the nature of the mortal world. Death of family members, loss of job, lack of confidence, unanswered questions, you name it, the grind of life can make you feel unworthy.

Being one who encourages is easier than you think. It takes one very vital step. You must “get over” yourself and consider the life and situation of others. Who is hurting?Or struggling with their position in life or situation? I hear a lot about medical issues people face. Think about the extension of concerns that trail out from this. The person may not be able to work, which means bills cannot be paid. They cannot provide for their family or self. Imagine the kind of stress that engenders.

What does it cost to be encouraging? A little of yourself, in the form of time. You must understand another’s need or way of life so you can know how to encourage them. A hollow word of encouragement is not necessarily better than none at all. Imagine if someone said something to you that wasn’t really an encouragement, but could be conceived as a negative. How have you helped the other person?

You will be surprised how being the one to encourage will flow back on you. You will feel the positive lift in their mood. Like I say it doesn’t take much to make a positive difference. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and that someone notices what they do. Don’t we have enough negativity going on in this world? Wouldn’t you like to hear less about the strife between races, religions and people in general? Why can we not change the way people react by being more positive and building each other up with our words. This is the sainthood I would seek.


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