2015 A to Z – G – Grace

It is day eight of the 2015 A to Z Challenge and I trust as we get to this point you get the idea that God is for you and interested in your life. He has awarded us the greatest gift of all, eternal life if we will just believe in him and follow him and his instructions. But why would an all-powerful creator leave such a choice to a flawed creation of his? The best way I can describe it is due to Grace.


God sent His son to live with us, be one of us and share the truth with us. While He could have easily forced us to follow, hard-wired it into our nature, he did not. He gives everyone the same choice. By choosing to send his only son to earth God made the sacrifice of his son for our benefit. What else can we consider that but grace?

There is an acronym that many people use that forms the word grace. It goes like this: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. In other words we get the benefit of a life with God on earth and then the possibility of everlasting life in heaven if we choose to follow God. But if a human being believes only in himself or herself and ignores God’s call the gift of Christ is wasted.



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