2015 A to Z – D – Deny

Deny me before men and I will Deny thee before my father. Okay, so if we follow on from ABC, meaning you Admit your sin, Believe Jesus saved you and Confess your sin, then you must share with others.



The major purpose for a Christian is to make disciples. In other words share your new found faith with those in your life. In fact it is an imperative that you seek to broaden the kingdom of God.

We are reminded of one of the most profound denials pf Christ of all time this weekend as Easter nears. As predicted by Christ the disciple peter denied him three times in a very short period. So we must know it can happen and will, but the bible teaches we should not deny Christ if we want him to claim us when we arrive in heaven.



7 thoughts on “2015 A to Z – D – Deny

  1. Beautifully said. Everyone doubts their faith at times, but we must not openly deny Christ. I like how you contrast this denial with admit/believe/confess.


  2. Easter is a great time to talk about denial. The Resurrection certainly turned many non-believers and they could deny no more. Happy Easter to you. Hope you are enjoying the A-Z.
    Michele at Angels Bark


  3. Thank you for those bible verses. I do feel I’m a diciple of Christ but have a real issue with all of those “If you’re a Christian on Facebook”, you have to share this at least 5 times or you’ll go to Hell – I delete instantly – that’s not my kind of evangelizing.


  4. I’m glad I found someone else who uses Bible verses as a part of your A to Z theme! I love how you used your A, B, and C posts to share the gospel, that’s a great idea.


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