2015 A to Z – A – Admit

Welcome to Faith by Acts if this is your first time and if you are returning I thank you for your faithfulness. We that write only are worthy if the letters we arrange mean something and someone comes to read and enjoy. You are fulfilling that role and I offer my profound thanks. The more I write, the more I understand how to target my writing so I deliver a solid result. I ask you to comment about what you read so I can continue to grow as a writer.

Whether you know it or not you are part of the 2015 A to Z Challenge now. In short this is a blogging challenge to write 26 posts over the 26 non-Sunday days of the week using each letter of the alphabet. For Faith By Acts I have chosen to highlight some of my favorite bible verses.  For A I am centering on the word Admit.

A few years ago in our Vacation Bible School curriculum we began to highlight the ABC principle of teaching kids how to come to faith. Admit, Believe and Confess. Just because it was designed for kids doesn’t mean it won’t apply to adults as well.

Rom 3-23

One of my favorite examples of this comes from Left Behind 2 and is delivered by Kirk Cameron. Below is a snippet from the movie with the scene where he lays out the concept.

The most important thing is to ADMIT we all are sinners and all have sinned. That is the beginning of the process and then we can move to step 2, Believe which I will cover tomorrow. I invite you back to read more.


6 thoughts on “2015 A to Z – A – Admit

  1. It is so true, we are all sinners. We might not like to admit that because we like to think “highly” of ourselves, but we have all sinned, every one of us. Now we just need to admit that 🙂



  2. I dont know about sin… as belief system is different —-but its a very relative word about how one perceives the act.. for the person who committed the act might not perceive it as sin under the situation in which he did that act from other perspective it will definitely be a sin..instead of being judgemental it would be great if we become more empathetic … as soon as we try to see it as a sin, then we see the person as something bad and we judge him..instead we empathise with the person it will help us to see things in better perspective.



  3. Great post. It is indeed important to look at ourselves with the naked truth of God’s eyes. In this light, whether we believe in original sin (as most Christians do) or we believe that everyone has sinned just because we’re human and we have an essential wickedness to us (as I do, being a progressive Jesus follower), we have to admit that we have done wrong. I still struggle with this, which is why I can’t call myself a christian yet.


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