2015 A to Z Faith By Acts Theme Reveal

Welcome to my 2015 A to Z Theme Reveal for Faith By Acts. In 2013 I took part in my initial A to Z challenge and did not put as much thought into how I wanted to approach the challenge. in truth I did not find out about it un til days before, so there wasn’t time to do much other than my 26 posts. I missed last years turn but wanted to give 2015 a really solid try. This year I have redesigned my blogging efforts and have 5 blogs entered into the A to Z.

For this particular one my focus is on some of my favorite bible verses. When I am asked to share about  myself one of the first things I want everyone to know is that I am a Christian and proud of my faith. In 2015 that is not always a welcome thing, but I refuse to shy away from that as it is the most important thing to me. God has blessed me remarkably and abundantly and I certainly want to share that with others.

When you join me for this A to Z journey I will tell you how to be a Christian and also how I deal with the everyday pressures of being a human trying to keep God’s instructions in this fallen world. I hope you will join me as I share some the knowledge I have collected over the years from not only some wise teachers, pastors and mentors, but learning from practical experiences.

For the other blogs I have entered in this challenge I am like many others in desiring an increase in views and followers. But for this particular blog what I most want is to share Christ with any or all that join me during this month.

I appreciate your visit to my theme reveal and invite you to not only return for the 2015 A to Z challenge, but to check out my other theme reveals as well.

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6 thoughts on “2015 A to Z Faith By Acts Theme Reveal

  1. This is great! As a relatively new believer, I’d love to learn about the ways you appy your faith in your daily life. I will be subscribing to your blog in my reader. I hope you enjoy the #AtoZchallenge and so will I.


  2. Good afternoon. I have followed your blog ( off and on) for a short time, and am rediscovering it. The idea of a faith based theme during the challenge is awesome. Kudos. More importantly thank you for your openness and I will be more proactive following your blog even past the a-to-z challenge. God bless. I’m liking the first four letters so far.


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