Find a Wife and You Find Favor

wifeI know each of you remember the crazy buzz that accompanied the ALS challenge this past summer. Basically you would receive a challenge from a friend to dump a bucket of icewater on your head to raise awareness for ALS which is better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Hollywood and other media and entertainment types as well as those in the sports world got involved and it really became more like Ringling Brother’s and Barnum and Bailey’s circus on steroids. Much of the meaning was lost as people scrambled to do the “in” thing.

All four of us in my family were challenged. Only my son took part and he did it with a half scoop of water from my Kubota tractor. The difference in his was that he explained we had a family member with a similar neurological condition that shortened her life.  I chose to skip that challenge, but now there is one that hits me square in my belief sweet spot and I want to share it with you here.

This new challenge is the Seven Day Bible Challenge. With it you are challenged by another to post a significant bible verse in your life for seven consecutive days. What is they say about how long it takes to form a habit? I hope seven begins a new one for me because how can you ever go wrong looking in God’s Word? Anyway I digress.

This is my wife and I in 2011.

My second day is reflected above in the verse I chose. It is Proverbs 18:22. He who finds a wife finds favor and receives what is good in the lord. Don’t I know this is the truth. For twenty-two years this verse is echoed through the woman who agreed to join me in a lifelong covenant to honor God. She took the word “better or worse” to heart and remains steadfast beside me no matter how crazy I can get. Trust me it can be pretty out there at times. blessings and laying the day in order.

You see I have this deep core belief in something called the J.O.Y. Principle. It is Jesus First, Others Second, Yourself Last. While that is a fine guide for how to conduct your life, you must be careful to make sure your second level doesn’t exclude those in your closest sphere, including your spouse. That is a failure of mine much too often. I run here and there willy-nilly, taking care of others and neglect my most important treasure.

525So while lying in bed this morning taking stock of my  blessings and laying the day in order what I want to accomplish today I thought of this verse and how much it exemplifies my wife. I am beyond blessed with all God affords me every day and be sure to thank him accordingly. But perhaps my most important task still should be to show her my attention and care.

If you have not heard of the Seven Day Challenge I certainly hope you will. I am happy to challenge anyone interested to try this in an attempt to kick start it to a larger audience. As I said before, how can delving into the Word of God be a bad thing?


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