The Heart House Blessing

Have you ever received a thank you from someone who actually blessed you more? It is such a humbling experience because they are expressing their appreciation for something you did that in fact gave you so much pleasure it certainly was not anything you considered to be work. The latest encounter I was blessed to experience involved some missionaries and children located more than 1,300 miles from me. I met the missionaries in December of 2012 and I can say the experience that day has changed me forever.

For several years I had a deep desire to travel to another country and work with other Christians. My first mission trip was a domestic one to Calloway, Florida to help with replacing a church roof. While it was a similar example of gaining a bigger blessing than our group gave, this latest example has developed into a further reaching opportunity.

When I arrived at Heart House in the village of Maya Mopan near the capitol of Belmopan in December of 2012 it was just a small house converted for use as a tutor center and after school gathering place for children, yet when i stepped off our old and dusty school bus I could feel God touch my heart. You see I had prayed for a couple of weeks prior to this first international trip that God would empty me from my heart and mind so I could clearly hear him while on the trip. At this moment I felt God grab my heart and mind and say “OK< You asked for it. Here it is! Don’t miss it!”

I am happy to say I did not miss it, but instead grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I got to know Carol, Tawnya and the other missionaries with Heart House along with the hundred or so kids. We worked together to get the dream of their library realized and started a great relationship that resulted in a return trip to Heart house the next December. Just this summer Carol and her husband Tim made a visit to my hometown to meet my wife and children and give a presentation at my church.

Carol hinted a couple of times she had a “gift” from the children of Heart House, but I had no idea it would be so touching and meaningful. What follows is  pictures of the hand made card signed by many of the kids that I played with, spoke to, read a Christmas story to and helped give the possibility of a library to.  The blessings I give pale in comparison tot hose I received, but then with God this is usually always the case.

I got the opportunity to read "The Three Trees" to the heart House kids in December of 2013
I got the opportunity to read “The Three Trees” to the Heart House kids in December of 2013

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